Level meter is designed for automatic continuous measurement of liquids, suspensions, pulps, granular materials in closed and open vessels, technological devices. Measurement is conducted without the contact with these liquids and their steams.

Area of application
Level meter is used in mining, chemical and metallurgical industries, as well as the enterprises of nuclear fuel cycle.


range of level measurement of liquid or granular materials in a variety of
containers with diameter from 0,5 to 3,0 m
– for modifications  01 and 03
– for modifications 02 and 04
from 0,1 to 2,1 м

from 0,1 to 1,0 м

The basic absolute error of measurement at P = 0,95 No more than ± 0,05 м
Additional error in the “tracking” of the ambient temperature. No more than ± 0,03 м
Operation mode setup time No more than 15 minutes
Nominal time of averaging 100 с
The time constant of measurements (lag) No more than 10 с
Mode of operation


Device is powered by AC of 50 ± 1 Hz, with voltage of

from 187 to 242 В

Alternating Voltage at “dry contact ” circuit with current of up to 3A

to 300 В

Operating temperature range:
– for detection unit

– for indicating device

from – 40°С to + 50°С

from – 20°С to + 50°С

Relative humidity at  + 35°С

to 100 %

Level of casing protection

No worse then IP54

Distance between:

– detecting unit and the matching unit
– detecting unit and the indicating unit

to 20 м

to 1200 м

Mean time between failures

No less than 10000 hours

Average lifetime

No less than 10 years

The output signals of the analyzer:
– information current output (optional)
– sign-numeric display;
– Digital Output of type “dry contact” (output optosemistora);
– RS-485/RS-422 and RS-232communication interfaces

0 – 5 мА

0 – 20  мА

4 – 20 мА


Overall dimensions


Detection unit BDPS mod. 01 and 03

Ø200×2600 мм

25,0 kg

Detection unit BDPS mod. 02 and 04

Ø200×1600 мм

16,0 kg

Matching unit BS

60×60×100 мм

0,5 kg

Indication device UIP

300×200×150 мм

20,0 kg

Technological remote control

210×120×90 мм

1,0 kg