The radiation portal monitor ” INTER -1M ” is the embodiment of new technologies to identify radiological contamination of goods and vehicles.

A distinctive feature of the system is the availability of spectrometric measurement. It allows identification of detected radionuclides and implement high-sensitive detection algorithm for hazardous radiation and nuclear materials supported by distance detectors.

Radiation Monitoring System ” INTER -1M ” works completely automatically. It does not require to be manage or service. To operate the system, ” INTER -1M ”
does not need a special operating stuff training.

The software performs the following tasks :

  • adapt to natural changes in background radiation , automatic adjustment of thresholds and reducing false detections
  • spectroscopy and identification of the detected gamma radiation source
  • identification of masked radiation sources from the distortion of the spectrum of gamma radiation
  • detection and registration of neutron radiation
  • self diagnostics of system components
  • data transfer over LAN or INTERNET network (Bluetooth channel for complicated wire connection communication)

Radiation Monitoring System has excellent characteristics in sensitivity and detection speed.

Technical characteristics of the radiation control system ” Inter -1M ” complies to the recommendations of the IAEA IAEA-TECDOC- 1312 / R and US standard ANSI N42.38-2006.

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