Software for Programming and Dosimetry Control

The software is compatible with DKG-21M and EcotestCARD dosimeters


The software to be used to program DKG-21M and EcotestCARD dosimeters and also for reading and computer processing of dosimetric measurement results and print exposure reports of the stuff

Purpose of Use

  • Automated noncontact programming of the operating modes of DKG-21 “EcotestCARD” dosimeter
  • Automated noncontact reading of dosimetric measurement results of DKG-21M and EcotestCARD dosimeters


“PDC ECOMONITOR” allows to:

  • program parameters and operating modes of DKG-21M and EcotestCARD dosimeters
  • read dosimetric measurement results of DKG-21M and EcotestCARD dosimeters
  • save the readout measurement results to files
  • load and process previously saved dosimetric measurement results
  • view and print the dosimetric information as reports
  • save the information as reports or text files for further processing by other word processors
  • export the data to Microsoft Excel for further processing

Hardware requirements

The “PDC ECOMONITOR” program operates on the computers running Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional, and connected infrared port adapter (included in the delivery kit)

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