Detector plastic scintillator with ZnS(Ag)
Dose rate measurement range of neutrons, H*(10) 0.1 μSv/h ÷ 0.1 Sv/h
Dose measurement range of neutrons, H*(10) 0.1 μSv ÷ 1.0 Sv
Energy range of neutrons 0.025 eV ÷ 10 MeV
Energy dependence of sensitivity to neutron radiation for typical neutron spectra relative to the spectrum of Pu–Be neutron source no more than ±40 %
Basic measurement error ± (25 + 6/Ах*) %
Protection index IP65
Overall dimensions, weight:
  • detector unit
Ø54×200 mm, 0.8 kg
  • neutron moderator
Ø245 mm, 7.3 kg

* Where Ax is a non-dimensional value numerically equal to a measured value of dose rate (μSv/h) or dose (μSv).

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