ZIVE is a portable personal radiation monitor.

The device’s operation algorithm meets highest professional needs, and
still has intuitive interface.

It can be used:

  • To measure the dose rate of gamma radiation of any object.
  • To control everyday radiation background and observe it changes.
  • To measure and monitor the actual acumulated doseof gamma radiation.
  • To do the real-time search and exact localization of the source
    of radiation.

Unlimited possibilities

ZIVE combines the convenience and accuracy.
The main technical advantage ZIVE an opportunity to draw a global map of radioactive contamination.

This unique feature allows users to:

  • to make measurements of the personal card, access to the global map drawn other users of ZIVE, pictures of dangerous objects, share their data in social networks and the Internet.
  • Each member contributes to the development of the monitoring system.
  • All devices are integrated into the overall ecosystem.
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