The TelePole is a gamma survey meter, with the detector mounted on an extendable pole designed for monitoring less accessible areas or providing “safe distance” operation. The four segment telescopic pole extends to 337cm (11 feet) and collapses to 107cm (3.5 feet) with the detector mounted at the pole end. There are two detector configurations are available. The WR (wide range) provides measurements over the range 0.5µSv/hr to 10Sv/hr (50µR/hr – 1000R/hr), while the HR (high range) covers 50µSv/hr to 10Sv/hr (5mR/hr – 1000R/hr). An optional internal detector is also available. TelePole features a 380 record data memory that can be downloaded to a PC using the new RMV Software Package. An optional barcode reader is also available which makes TelePole fully compatible with the SMARTS radiation survey mapping and tracking system.


  • Rugged, lightweight construction (~2Kg)
  • Digilog, continuous ranging, combined digital and analog, LCD display
  • External detectors for either wide range or high range applications
  • Optional internal detector
  • Readout of dose rate and accumulated dose
  • Units of either mR or µSv
  • Programmable alarm thresholds
  • Data memory for 380 records (1550 with optional extended memory)
  • Compatible with RMV software for pc data downloads
  • Smart software provides fast, yet stable __response
  • Dead time correction
  • Alarms for detector overflow, low battery and detector failure
  • Automatic self diagnostic routines
  • External headphone connection.


  • Display:
    Large, three digit and two decade backlit LCD readout. Continuous ranging, for display of accumulated dose, dose rate, alarm threshold value, overflow, low battery, and detector failure
  • Measuring Range (WR):
    0.5µSv/hr to 10Sv/hr (50µR/hr – 1000R/hr)
  • Measuring Range (HR):
    50µSv/hr to 10Sv/hr (5mR/hr – 1000R/hr)
  • Internal Measuring Range (Optional):
    0.5µSv/hr to 999mSv/hr (0.05mR/hr to 1R/hr)
    Mounted within electronic Control Unit.
  • Sensitivity:
    0.3 cps/mR/hr (137Cs)
  • Accuracy:
    ±10% of reading within measuring range
  • Data Logging:
    380 Records (up to 1550 records with extended memory)
  • Units:
    mR and mR/hr or µSv and µSv/hr
  • Controls:
    Four key keypad with positive feedback. Key combinations for programming operating parameters.
  • Power Source:
    Two 1.5V alkaline ‘C’ cells – provides approximately 70 hours continuous use (without backlighting). Automatic battery check under full load.
  • Temperature Range:
    Operation: -10oC to +50oC (15oF to 122oF)
    Storage: -20oC to +60oC (-5oF to 140oF)
  • Humidity Range:
    40% to 95% RH (non condensing)
  • Case:
    Black anodized aluminum
  • Dimensions:
    • Meter: 93mmW x 148mmL x 56mmH (3.7″ x 5.8″ x 2.2″)
    • Probe Head: 150mmL x 25mmD (5.9″ x 1″)
    • Pole Length: 337cm (11ft) extended, 107cm (3.5ft) collapsed
  • Weight:
    Meter: 680g (1.5 lbs), Probe: 110g (0.25lbs), Pole: 1.2Kg (2.7lbs)
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