The instrument is qualified for the continuous measurement of Radon progeny concentration.

In combination with a Radon monitor (like RTM1688-2), an inexpensive system for Equilibrium Factor measurements is offered.

Dimensions and weight were designed to ensure the mobility of the wearer of the Radon daughter product dosimeter. The internal rechargeable battery allows an autonomous operation of more than 40 hours. Due to the optimised sampling head, no other maintenance is required than a monthly filter replacement (continuous operation at normal dust pollution).

The display of the Radon daughter product dosimeter can be toggled between the “Potential Alpha Energy Exposure (PAEE)”, the equivalent dose and the actual concentration levels, PAEC as well as “Equilibrium Equivalent Radon Concentration (EEC)”. The dose calculation is based on an user defined dose conversion coefficient. If the dose value exceeds an adjustable limit, an audible alert will be activated.

The Radon daughter product dosimeter is tamper-proof – several programmable codes are provided to assign the acquired data to a person or location later on.

The time distribution of the Radon daughter product concentration is stored in a non-volatile memory and can be transferred to a PC by the infrared interface.A special infrared adapter with USB connection is required.
The Radon daughter product dosimeter will be shipped with the actual version of the Radon Vision software.


Technical Data

Theory of Operation

  • Collection of the Radon daughter products at the surface of a filter by a continuous air flow
  • permanent alpha spectroscopic analysis of the filter


  • 0.8 µm Membrane filter (PTFE)
  • Diameter 17.5 mm
  • 1 month replacement interval under normal conditions


  • Membrane pump 0.18 Lpm


  • approx. 150 cpm @ 1000 Bq/m³ (EEC)

Response time

  • 2 hours (to 90% of the final value)

Integration interval

  • 1 … 255 Minutes, adjustable in 1 Minute steps


  • Single push button with „Lock“ function
  • Display 3 x 12 characters, either US or SI units
  • Acoustic alert


  • 377 records and sum spectrum, non-volatile


  • Infrared data link with special adapter for the USB-Port of the PC

Power supply

  • internal rechargeable battery
  • approx. 48 hours continuous operation
  • Charging time approx. 2 hours


  • rough Aluminium enclosure with open sampling head
  • Dimensions 138 x 57 x 32 mm
  • Weight 300g


  • Radon Vision
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