The Radon dosimeters DOSEman is a radon personal dosimeter. Its dimensions, its light weight and its robustness allow trouble-free carrying the device on your body.

The built-in battery power the Radon dosimeters DOSEman for about 12 days with electricity. The unit is completely tamper-proof and can be operated using a single button. The built-alpha spectroscopy fastest possible response times can be achieved, so that the wearer of Radonexposimeters is warned immediately of hazardous concentrations.

The internal data memory is designed so that even longer measurements with a high temporal resolution can be saved. The reading of the data is effected by means of contactless infrared interface (accessory).

The Radon exposimeter is shipped with the current version of the Radon Vision software.

Technical Data

  • Theory of operation
    • HV biased measurement chamber with diffusion membran for air inlet
    • Electrostatic collection of Radon daughters generated by Radon decay within
      the chamber on the surface of a semiconductor detector
    • Spectroscopic analysis of collected short living Radon daughter products
  • Measurement range 0 … 4 MBq/m³
  • Response time 12/120 Minutes to 95% of the final value
  • Sensitivity 0.18/0.32 Counts/Minute @ 1000 Bq/m³ (fast/slow mode)
    • 20% statistical error (1σ) @ 200 Bq/m³ within 8 hours (slow mode)
    • 10% statistical error (1σ) @ 200 Bq/m³ within 24 hours (slow mode)
    • 16% statistical error (1σ) @ 1000 Bq/m³ within 2 hours (slow mode)
  • Sample interval 1 … 255 Minutes, adjustable by software
  • Non volatile data memory to store 720 data records and sum spectrum
  • Internal real time clock
  • Internal rechargeable battery for 12 days permanent operation 2 hours recharge time
  • Instrument control by a single push button, Optical and audible alert
  • Displaying of concentration, exposure and dose (LCD, 3 lines x 12 characters)
  • Dimensions 115 x 57 x 32 mm, weight 250 g
  • Available with SI- or US- units
  • Infrared interface , spezial IR – USB adapter is required
  • Data transfer, set-up and instrument control by Radon Vision software
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