Computer-Aided System of Radiation Control

  • Provides continuous automated radiation monitoring
  • Data transfer to the PC
  • Adjustable saving intervals


RadMonitor intends for continuous automated radiation monitoring of the environments at radiation hazardous sites. BDBG serie detectors are the key element of the system which also might include IT-09T / IT-09 data panels, USB/RS235 and USB/RS485 converters and RadMonitor software that displays, records data and can operate external Alarm system.

Purpose of Use

Continuous automated radiation monitoring of the environment at radiation hazardous sites.


  • Acceptance and display of measurement results of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) from 24 BDBG-09 detecting units or IT-09, IT-09T data panels at a time.
  • Setting of a separate threshold level for each detecting unit or data panel.
  • Generation of “alarm” audio signal and a red blinking indicator when DER measurement results of the specified threshold levels are exceeded.
  • Storage of DER measurement results on the PC hard disk in a text file format.
  • Adjustable saving intervals in the range from 1 to 99 minutes.
  • Additional relay contact for external signalisation on request.

Hardware Requirements

  • The “RadMonitor” Computer Aided System of Radiation Control (CASRC) operates on IBM-compatible PCs running Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional OS. A sound card and a loudspeaker are needed to generate audio signals.
  • BDBG-09 detecting units or IT-09, IT-09T data panels are connected to USB-ports of the PC with the help of the isolated RPІІ-6BD (RPII-6ІТ) interface converters.

Delivery Kit

  • BDBG-09 gamma radiation detecting units or IT-09, IT-09T data panels (up to 24 kits)
  • isolated RPІІ-6BD (RPII-6ІТ) interface converters (up to 4 kits)
  • mounting parts kit
  • packing box
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